16 October 2010

We've Started Anew!

Yes, we did! We got married and think it's time for a new family blog!
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02 October 2010

We're Engaged!

I am engaged to my childhood crush! I couldn't be more excited! We have both been through quite a lot in our lives so far, and are ready to finish out this life happy and together! We are getting married on October 16th, 2010. We decided we will have a very intimate ceremony with just our bishop, us, Ashton and our parents. We have both been through a big wedding and this time around want it to be just about us! I can't wait!

In these photos we are visiting "our rock" that is just above Wasatch Boulevard. Back in 1997 Aaron came to Salt Lake City with a church history trip and met up with me for a day. This rock is one of the places we went to, and we kissed there :) Now that we are back together again we love to visit this rock and re-visit our past together! I'm positive we will spend many times there as husband and wife!

18 September 2010

I love him...

23 August 2010

Summer Summer Summer Time

Our summer has consisted of outings to the zoo, pool and Millcreek canyon! We LOVE visiting baby Zuri the elephant at the zoo, spending our days in the sun in the pool water, and going up the canyon on a hot day to roast hotdogs and marshmallows! The three of us usually do this by ourselves and love one another's company, but one of those days we were able to take Brandon with us on one of our ritual adventures!

We would go up Millcreek canyon everyday if we could!

17 August 2010

"Smart Ash"

02 August 2010

What's that smell??

For a while Ashton's breath has been terrible. So terrible that I could smell it 5 feet away. So terrible it would make me and Aaron gag. I finally noticed a white spot on his tonsil, and actually removed some of it. Well, come to find out he was FILLED with tonsilloliths a.k.a. tonsil stones. They are the culprit of this nasty breath. It will last your entire life and the only cure is to have a tonsilectomy...so we did it right away!

The surgery went very well. Post-surgery was pretty rough. When he came out of anesthesia he was extremely violent, thrashing and screaming, ripping out all the tubes. It was very concerning to me, however the nurses assured me that it was very normal in little children. It took 6 nurses and myself to restrain him until they could give him a mild sedative to make him relax and sleep. As far post-surgery healing, it is also rough, but he made it through like a champ! We are so glad we decided to do this!

30 July 2010

Another Fabulous 4th & 24th in Cokeville

Going up to Cokeville is always a special treat, a retreat. We love the cooler weather, being outdoors and spending time with family. My favorite is the rodeo, and each year Aaron participates in the town 5k! There was also a river raft race, in which Aaron and his dad won. We also attend a church fireside and luncheon where an apostle always addresses us. Charlotte, Aaron's mother, is the chair-person that coordinates all the events for the celebrations. She is awesome!